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Hakkaisan - Kijoshu Sake (300ml)

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Producer Hakkaisan
Country Japan
Region Chubu
Type Sake
Sku 30172
Size 300ml
ABV 1.00%

Hakkaisan's Kijoshu is an elegant and extravagant sake brewed not using water but sake itself during the final stages of brewing. The refreshing and unique kijoshu is bottled before its final stages of maturity. You will surely notice the otherworldly effect this has on the final product, as it creates a densely sweet aroma and flavor.

Hakkaisan Description

Unveil the world of Hakkaisan Kijoshu, a luxurious and one-of-a-kind sake that redefines the traditional brewing process. This elegant and extravagant brew captivates the senses with its unique method, replacing water with sake during the final stages of brewing. The result is a refreshing and enchanting kijoshu that boasts an unparalleled depth of flavor and aroma.

Upon the first sip, you'll be greeted by a rich, densely sweet aroma that is both alluring and unforgettable. The taste profile showcases a velvety texture with layers of complex flavors, including hints of ripe fruits, caramel, and a delicate touch of umami. As you savor Hakkaisan Kijoshu, you'll experience a harmonious balance between its sweetness and acidity, leaving a satisfying and lasting impression on your palate.

Hakkaisan Kijoshu's versatile and unique character makes it an exceptional choice for a wide range of food pairings. The sake's luscious sweetness complements the rich flavors of dishes like foie gras, blue cheese, and dark chocolate desserts. Its subtle umami notes pair beautifully with savory dishes, such as grilled meats, seafood, and even spicy Asian cuisine. No matter the occasion, Hakkaisan Kijoshu is sure to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

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