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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions Westchester Wine Warehouse has heard from its users. If you have a question or would like to tell us about a great bottle of wine, please Contact Westchester Wine Warehouse, we're interested in hearing from you.
Q. I just placed an order and don't see my discount?
A. Many of the discounts and promotions will appear only on the invoice we send along with merchandise because of limitations of the website technology. Most discounts do appear on the site - if you think you are due a discount and don't see it, please call the store.
Q. When can I expect my shipment?
A. We expect to ship out your order within 1 to 5 business days. For orders outside of New York State, please add time in transit to the the two days to calculate when to expect delivery of your order.

  • We will make every effort to ship your internet order as soon as possible. Even in New York State, we cannot guarantee same day delivery.
  • If you need for us to ship in fewer than 5 business days, please call the store at (914) 824-1400. You must confirm all Next Day and 2nd Day shipments by telephone if you need them shipped from our store in fewer than 2 business days.
  • FedEx picks up packages from Monday through Friday by 3pm.
Q. You don't have what I'm looking for. Can you special order it for me?
A. Yes, if it's available from our distributors in New York State.

  • Please call us at (914) 824-1400
  • Click the link to request an item.
Q. What if I only want the vintage listed and not any other vintage of the wine I want to order?
  • For any wines under $50, we will provide the current vintage of the wine in the marketplace if the listed vintage is unavailable. 
  • For  wines $50+, we will provide the listed vintage or contact you if we have a different vintage. 
  • Commodity and value-type wines, e.g. those selling for $20 and less, are not subject to any specific vintage and you will be provided the in-stock vintage.
  • If you only want a specific vintage of a wine, please indicate it in the 'Special Shipping Instructions' box in the order.
Q. What is your return policy?
  • If you purchased it less than 14 days ago and the wine is bad, we need the item returned with the wine in the bottle and the cork in tact. We will then issue a refund upon return of the item.
  • If there is nothing wrong with the wine and it is unopened and in sellable condition, but you overbought or simply don't like it, we will take it back and refund your money less a 20% restocking charge. Alternatively, if you choose a store gift card or an exchange for other products, there will not be a restocking charge. Items that were kept outdoors in hot or cold weather or kept on ice are not considered in sellable conditon and not eligble for return.
  • Older vintages are sold as is and are not returnable, that is why it is absolutely vital to inspect old bottles and never buy it over the phone.
  • Shipping charges back and forth are not refundable.
Q. Why didn't I get my discount(coupon, sale price, etc.)?
A. Only one type of any kind of promotion can be applied to an item. If it's the price is in red, that's it, no further discounts. Or you can apply your coupon, but we will have to use black prices. In other words, you can chose promotions, but you can't combine them.
Q. How can I stop your e-mails from coming?
  • Login to "Your account" and uncheck all the mailing list check-boxes.
  • Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails.
Q. I forgot my password! What do I do?
  • Please click the reset password on the login page.
  • Please email us to request to have your password reset.
Q. What is your shipping policy?
  • We do not ship Spirits (Vodka, Cognac etc...) Spirits are available for Store-Pickup or Local Delivery only.
  • We ship WINE according to each state's laws. Please check with your state's alcohol and beverage department to see if your state permits shipping of wine to you.
Q. What is the case discount?
A. The case discount saves you 15% ON NON-SALE WINES in the purchase of a case or mixed case.
Q. How many bottles makes up a "case" or "mixed case"?
A. A case is made up by any 12 bottles of wine, 750 mL or larger.
Q. When I build a case, do I have to buy the same 12 bottles of wine?
A. No, You can combine(mix and match) ANY 12 bottles to make up a case.


Q. Can I mix a case which has wines that are already ON SALE, and wines which are regulary priced?
A. Yes, you can build a mixed case with any 12 wines you choose. Items on sale will not discount any further.


Q. Some of the wines in my case are already ON SALE, do I still get the 15% discount?
A. No. The case discount only applies to items which are not on sale.
(Example: if you buy 6 bottles of Columbia Crest Cabernet at $11.99 regular price, and 6 of Sharecropper Pinot Noir at $22.99 on sale, the Columbia Crest will be 15% off the $11.99 regular price, but not the Sharecropper, since it is already on sale for $22.99.


Q. What if I want to buy more then 12 bottles, will I still get the case discount?
A. Yes, You will get the case discount on your WHOLE ORDER when you buy 12 bottles of wine or more.


Q. Can I combine more then 1 order to get the case discount?
A. No. You only qualify for the case discount when you have 12 or more bottles of wine in a single order.
Q. How accurate is your inventory?
A. Westchester Wine Warehouse updates the inventory multiple times per day. We have a fast-moving store and apologize in advance for items being sold out in store and still show available on the website.
Q. Do you charge my card as soon as an order is placed?
A. No. We put a pending hold on the amount while we confirm the quantity and availability of the wine. Once confirmed, we will charge your card in full.
Q. Do you ship out orders when placed?
A. Our shipping partner picks up on Monday thru Friday but will hold for weather at either your request or if we feel the weather conditions are not favorable to ship wine. Local delivery is seven days a week but can take some time to process. 
Q. I don't see the wine I want listed on your website. Is it available?
A. If you are looking for something and don't see it, use the Purchase Request form and we will check on availability. 
Q. Can I place an order for pickup in store?
A. Yes. You can choose in-store pickup at checkout. We will hold your order here for up to 60 days. Just give your name and the order number when you come to pickup and we will retrieve your order. 
Q. The image I see of the wine is from a different vintage than stated. Which vintage do you have?
A. Vintages change faster than we can photograph bottles so always refer to the name and not the picture to identify the year of production.
Q. Can I use a gift card to place an order online?
A. Gift cards are valid for both online and in-store use.
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