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About Westchester Wine Warehouse in White Plains, NY 10607

Welcome to Westchester Wine Warehouse! Since January of 2003, we have been serving the Tri-State area, offering the most exclusive selection of wine and spirits available at our 20,000 sq. ft. facility in White Plains, NY. Our inventory is always increasing to accommodate an ever-growing customer base. Exemplary teamwork and outstanding patronage over the years has given us the opportunity to offer the most attractive and competitive prices anywhere. 
Our Mission:

It is our responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied. Our approach begins with understanding a complex market that is steeped in tradition and constantly evolving. On board with us, is a team that can provide a valued experience and diffuse uncertainty when making important choices. You will find an enthusiastic staff that is eager and comprehensively trained to discover the culture for themselves, so they can pass their knowledge onto you. 

We believe that an informed decision is always the right one.              

Why Shop With Us?

Here, there is a level of energy that is unsurpassed. Every initiative is taken to ensure that our sales floor is fully stocked with products that are rare and eclectic. We negotiate directly with importers and their representatives to track the availability of vintages and low production yields among certain producers. This allows us to “lock-in” on items that are oftentimes too difficult to acquire and provide them to you at the best prices available. 

Some of the most world-renowned winemakers and cult vintners cater to us everyday, promoting some of the most recognizable names in the industry.   
Additionally, we can order, ship and deliver any item that is not in our immediate inventory and offer it to you at a discounted rate. 
Also, close attention is paid to indigenous varieties of wine and spirits. With giants like Spain, France and Italy dominating these trades, others are left out of the spotlight. Keeping that in mind, we invite you to explore one of the largest and most diverse collection of international viticulture. Varieties from countries like Algeria, Hungary, Greece, Israel and more, are easily within your reach. Locating the best Kosher and holiday wines are an integral part of our services as well. 
Finally, as consumers have become more conscious about modern agriculture, it is only natural to outline the benefits of organic farming and biodiversity. The warehouse is always expanding on a formidable collection of organic and biodynamic products that also emphasize sustainability and the importance of free-trade.    

The Community:

We continue to be actively involved with the City of White Plains and surrounding areas. Westchester Wine Warehouse participates in the annual “American Heart Event” and was recently awarded The Best Wine Shop by Westchester Magazine. Please contact us to schedule your next event or discuss sponsorship opportunities. Patrons are encouraged to join us for free, in-store tastings Friday through Sundays when applicable. 

If you have any questions, please email us or call us at 914-824-1400

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Ken Irving Jr. - Director of Fine Wine

As the Director of Fine Wine I have the privilege of tasting thousands of wines a year from across the globe, focusing on a theme of value when purchasing wine for the store. Wine should over deliver for the money regardless of price. Wine should also have a strong sense of place, meaning it should reflect the location it was made.  

Throughout the year I’ll publish my list of wines I think are compelling opportunities to try. They will fall across many price points, grape varietals and geographic locations. We are always adding old and rare vintages that are highly rated with limited availability too. I’ll update my list frequently so check back often for my latest recommendations

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Olivier Flosse - Sommelier

Olivier Floss is a 2X Grand Award Winner. The award is Wine Spectator's most prestigious honor, given to the world's elite wine programs. This award is a reflection of steadfast dedication and unwavering passion to both building and growing an exceptional wine program year after year.

Since November 2020, Olivier Flosse has worked in the best wine & liquor store in all of Westchester County; 3X Winner of Best Wine Store in Westchester County. Olivier brings a wealth of knowledge through the many years of hospitality and catering experience that he acquired in France, England, and New York. Olivier has been able to bring his expertise to our sales and purchasing teams, and he curates the 300+ wines available in our Fine Wine Room with the most coveted chateaux and vintages. He can also offer his expertise for managing your wine collection, building your wine cellar, and provide his expertise for private dinners and wine tastings.

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