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Warwick Valley Wine Co. - Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Cider (22oz bottle)


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Producer Warwick Valley Wine Co.
Country United States
Region New York
Type Cider
Sku 16133
Size 22oz bottle

Warwick Valley Wine Co. Description

Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Cider is a delightful fusion of fresh, locally-grown Hudson Valley apples and succulent raspberries. This vibrant, artisanal cider is crafted through a meticulous farm-to-glass process, ensuring a burst of fruit flavors and unparalleled quality in every sip. A perfect blend of science and art, Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Cider offers a refreshing, innovative twist on traditional cider for those who crave a taste of adventure.

Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Cider greets your palate with a bouquet of fragrant raspberries, enveloped in a crisp apple undertone. The effervescence, courtesy of the champagne-styled yeast, accentuates the fruity medley, leaving a tantalizing, semi-sweet finish. This harmonious blend of flavors is sure to entice cider enthusiasts and newbies alike.

This versatile raspberry hard cider pairs beautifully with an array of dishes. Savor the fruity notes alongside a hearty cheese board, featuring sharp cheddar, creamy brie, and tangy blue cheese. For main courses, the cider's effervescence and fruity undertones will complement the richness of dishes like barbecue ribs, pulled pork, or glazed salmon. Finally, elevate your dessert experience by pairing Doc's Draft Raspberry Hard Cider with a warm apple crumble or a decadent chocolate lava cake. Cheers to delightful indulgence!

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