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Duck Walk Vineyards - Blueberry Port North Fork of Long Island 2021 (375ml)


Price: $22.99

Sale Price: $17.99

Producer Duck Walk Vineyards
Country United States
Region New York
Varietal Port Blend
Vintage 2021
Sku 12030
Size 375ml

Duck Walk Vineyards Description

Duck Walk Blueberry Port is a culmination of flavor, tradition, and passion. Handpicked from the rugged terrains of Maine, our wild mountain blueberries are small yet brimming with concentrated flavor. Duck Walk's Blueberry Port is not merely a beverage; it's a sensory journey that intrigues your palate with its intense fruit flavors and nuanced complexities.

Designed with a slow fermentation process, we take the time to preserve every hint of flavor that these wild blueberries have to offer. The wine is then fortified and patiently aged for over a year, resulting in a stunning port wine that shines brightly in every sip. Duckwalk’s Blueberry Port brings comfort and a splash of sophistication to any occasion. Whether shared with a philosopher, or savored with a square of chocolate, it's a drink that invites conversation, introspection, and pure indulgence.

Duck Walk Blueberry Port is characterized by the bold and vibrant flavors of wild blueberries. Its rich, concentrated taste is a testament to our slow fermentation process, which meticulously maintains the integrity of the fruit. This yields a port wine with a striking depth of flavor and a beautifully balanced sweetness.

Upon the first sip, expect an explosion of blueberry notes, underpinned by a subtle complexity that unveils itself leisurely. The fortification process adds another dimension to the profile, creating a velvety texture and an enduring finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate. This blueberry port is not just a wine, but a symphony of taste that unfolds in intriguing waves.

The intense fruit flavors and complex profile of Duck Walk Blueberry Port make it a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. It shines most brightly when served with chocolate-based desserts, where the sweet, rich flavor of the chocolate contrasts and complements the vibrant blueberry notes.

Imagine enjoying this port after dinner with a dark chocolate torte, or by the warmth of a campfire with a s'more in hand. The richness of the chocolate harmonizes with the wine's fruit-driven intensity, providing a decadent tasting experience that leaves you longing for the next sip. We recommend serving it in a small cordial glass and sipping it generously, as each sip unveils a new layer of taste and complexity. Savor the magic of Duck Walk Blueberry Port, where taste meets tradition.


Staff Rated: 89 Points

Duck Walk 2007 Blueberry Port has a very unique, not cloyingly sweet fruity nose, reminiscent of the blueberry. The palate is warm and sweet. It pairs well with any chocolate dessert, simple pond cake, vanilla ice cream and any dessert using a berry coulis. It is better served slightly chilled. Unique, delicious and not cloyingly sweet at all. Totally and perfectly paired with simple vanilla ice cream and plain pound cake. A delightful finish in the mouth.

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