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Hakutsuru - Excellent Junmai Excellent Sake (1.80L)

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Producer Hakutsuru
Country Japan
Region Hyogo
Type Junmai
Sku 22328
Size 1.80L
ABV 1.00%

A full-bodied off dry Junmai with robust flavors of toasted cereal, natural rice sweetness and a dry finish. Delicious whether chilled, room temperature or warm.

Hakutsuru Description

Discover Hakutsuru's Excellent Junmai Sake, a versatile, full-bodied, off-dry Junmai crafted using a 250-year-old brewing technique. Enjoy its rich, mellow flavors of toasted cereal, natural rice sweetness, and a dry finish, perfectly complementing a wide range of dishes. Savor the authentic taste of Japan.

Hakutsuru's Excellent Junmai Sake offers a delightful, full-bodied and off-dry experience, boasting robust flavors of toasted cereal and natural rice sweetness. With a satisfying dry finish, this versatile sake can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature, or warmed, making it the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

This versatile Junmai Sake is a superb match for almost any dish, bringing out the best in both hot and cold fare. If served hot, it pairs exceptionally well with salty or soy sauce-based dishes and those with a fuller body. Savor the harmony of flavors when paired with tempura (with salt or dipped in sauce), sukiyaki, tofu dishes, and pot dishes like shabu-shabu.

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