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Hakkaisan - Awa Clear Sparkling Sake (360ml)


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Producer Hakkaisan
Country Japan
Region Chubu
Type Sparkling Sake
Sku 25181
Size 360ml
ABV 1.00%

Hakkaisan Description

Hakkaisan AWA is a clear sparkling sake with a unique champagne-like fermentation process, delivering exquisite aromas and flavors, perfect for toasting special occasions. Explore the tasting notes and ideal food pairings for this luxurious beverage.

AWA Sparkling Sake showcases the perfect marriage of traditional Japanese sake craftsmanship and cutting-edge brewing technology. This Junmai sake features a natural carbonation through in-bottle secondary fermentation, reminiscent of champagne. With its delightful fruity aroma, refreshing taste, gentle sweetness, and crisp finish, Hakkaisan AWA is a sophisticated and elegant choice for any celebration.

Elevate your dining experience with Hakkaisan AWA Clear Sparkling Sake's versatile food pairings. Its delicate flavors complement a range of dishes, from seafood crudo, shrimp shumai, caviar, and oysters to sweet & sour pork and fresh or bloomy rind cheese. Enjoy the refined harmony of taste and texture with each sip and bite.

Staff Rated: 90 Points

What a treat! Impressively aromatic with telltale notes of tropical fruit, sea breeze, green apple, and coconut meat. Refreshing and mineral-driven with a fine mousse, this sparkling sake is fruity without going overboard. The taste is very lightly sweet up front with a crisp and dry finish. You can enjoy this sake with any foods or at any event where you would serve a sparkling wine.

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