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Hachinohe Shuzo - Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo Sake (720ml)

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Producer Hachinohe Shuzo
Country Japan
Region Tohoku
Type Ginjo
Sku 30178
Size 720ml
ABV 1.00%

The scent is mild with slightly sweet, and on the first sip it has a very soft mouthfeel that gradually opens up. A ginjo sake with a balance of freshness, sweetness and sourness that is reminiscent of fruit juice.

Hachinohe Shuzo Description

Experience the bright, playful, and alluring world of Hachinoche Shuzo's Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo Sake. Delight in its fruity freshness, balanced sweetness, and delicate sourness, reminiscent of fruit juice. Indulge in a sake crafted with local ingredients and a commitment to the environment and personal health.

Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo Sake captures your attention with its vibrant pink label, setting the stage for an unforgettable tasting experience. Produced using local rice, yeast, and white koji, this sake presents a mild aroma of white flowers with hints of sweetness. Upon the first sip, a soft mouthfeel unfolds to reveal a unique bubblegum or cotton candy flavor. The initial burst gently dissipates into a light dryness, creating a balanced harmony of freshness, sweetness, and sourness akin to fruit juice.

Mutsu Hassen Pink Label Ginjo Sake's versatile profile makes it an excellent companion to a range of dishes. Pair this delightful sake with sweet and sour pork for a complementary flavor explosion, or spice up your evening with mapo tofu. To explore its more sophisticated side, enjoy it alongside Fourme d'Ambert, a rich blue mold cheese.

Hachinohe Shuzo is a microbrewery located in Aomori prefecture, dedicated to crafting modern sake while prioritizing the environment and personal health. They utilize local rice, yeast, and the renowned water of Kanizawa, Hachinohe to create their exceptional sake. Their use of 100% white koji in the moromi base imparts a fresh, straight-from-the-brewery character to each bottle.

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