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Eiko Fuji - 10,000 Ways Ban Ryu Honjozo Sake (720ml)


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Producer Eiko Fuji
Country Japan
Region Yamagata
Type Futsushu
Vintage 2010
Sku 22550
Size 720ml
ABV 1.00%

Eiko Fuji Description

Discover the exquisite Eiko Fuji 10,000 Ways Ban Ryu Honjozo, a versatile sake with a captivating history, crafted by the 13th generation of the Katou family at the renowned Eiko Fuji Brewery in Yamagata, Japan. Savor its low aroma, light, and fruity profile with hints of black currant, and enjoy its crisp, clean finish. Perfect for pairing with an array of dishes, from tangy green salads to rich, savory ramen.

The Eiko Fuji 10,000 Ways Ban Ryu Honjozo boasts a delicate and inviting aroma, offering a light and fruity palate with subtle undertones of black currant. With a crisp and clean finish, this versatile sake can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways - chilled, warmed, or at room temperature. Its remarkable adaptability makes it an ideal companion for a wide range of flavors, from refreshing acidic salads to hearty, oily ramen dishes.

Staff Rated: 92 Points

Low aroma, light and fruity, with undertones of black currant, finishing crisp and clean. Serve chilled, room temperature, or warmed. Pair with a range of flavors from acidic green salads to oily ramen. Made by the Fuji Brewery, which was founded in 1778. Ban Ryu is the flagship product of the brewery.

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